Community Prepardness Teams



In any emergency, whether it be during an ice storm, hurricane,  tornado, earthquake, or aftermath of riots and social breakdown, you  need shelter, clean water, alternative power, transportation and  delivery of supplies, and the ability to deal with fire dangers and  hazardous materials.

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As the military saying goes, “if you ain’t got commo, you ain’t got  jack.” Communications are critical. Every American needs to have at  least a hand-held HAM radio and the knowledge to use it for local  communications. We then work to get you up to General Class level to  talk to your whole state or the nation.

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Most American gun owners have little or no training in how to fight  together, as a team. Whether it is a husband and wife, father and son,  or neighbors, you need to know how to move, shoot, and communicate as a  team. Bad guys, like MS-13 or ISIS, attack in teams. You need to know  how to fight back as a team and how to form up a neighborhood watch to  protect yourselves and each other. Security is everyone’s  responsibility, and our infantry and police veterans will teach you how.

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Every American should be trained to at least “Combat Lifesaver” level  to provide immediate care for victims of severe trauma, whether it be a  car accident, a gunshot wound, a chainsaw accident, etc. to save lives.  Our second level is EMT, and third level is medic/paramedic.

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Americans are told by FEMA to be able to self-rescue and self-supply  for at least 72 hours, but clearly emergencies can last much longer. You  need to be able to take care of yourselves and each other for extended  periods, including effective food storage. We will show you how.

Even if you are not a veteran, you are welcome to join us and get  trained, and then help train others. We find that nearly everyone has  some skill or life experience that is useful to the community, and we  will help you pick a training track to focus on, and get trained up by  more experienced team member mentors. And even if you have physical  limitations that would prevent you from being on a field team, you can  still help with support, security as a “home guard,” and logistics.

And if you already have an existing group, such as a neighborhood  watch, church group, veterans group, political or social group, we would  be happy to train your group in all of the above skills.

We believe that strong neighborhood watches (with teeth) are the most  critical first steps toward a strong America, working from the bottom  up to provide local security while we also strengthen what is already  there (search and rescue, volunteer fire, volunteer emergency medical,  CERT teams, reserve deputy and police auxiliary, etc.). We encourage the  formation of Sheriff Posses behind constitutional sheriffs.

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